The white clay, a special type of loam, is extracted in Bulgaria and is the fines type of earth existing worldwide. The terrasan will be ground very fine, will be kept natural and will be released as light-yellow to grey-greenish powder on the market. 

Terrasan is the ideal supplementary product next to sea salt and Luga. 

content: 300 g
article number: 1017


The usage of terrasan only takes place external via poultices, compresses or solutions. 
Mixing ratio clay to water
for poultices 1:1,3 to 1:1,5
for compresses 1:3
for claywater: 1:5

Tip: Use a wooden spatula or a plastic spoon instead of metal objectives to mix it. 

For face masks there are a lot of fluids and natural products to mix with Terrasan. 

insensitive skin: 
Mixture from Terrasan and Luga (3:1)

Apply the paste on your whole body and let your skin absorb it until it starts to dry. Rinse it off with warm water or lie in a salt bath for 15 minutes. Stress will be dismantled and a feel good effect will take place. 

sensitive skin: 
Instead of Luga use herbal tea, milk, yoghurt or mineral water for the mixture. 

hair masks: 
Egg yolk and/or beer for the mixture

Never put Terrasan next to strong smelling textures such as gasoline or turpentine (Terrasan will take on the smell) 

Usage of Terrasan with diseases:

rheumatic arthritis (in relatively idle state)
Usage: poultices during the night, 20 days

deformed osteoarthritis
Usage: Paste with water, vinegar or Luga (1:1,3), apply it on a cloth, cover it with foil, let it absorb during the night, 20 applications

Tendons-, muscles- and bursitis 
Usage: Terrasan – envelopes, let it absorb long, rinse it off with warm water

Contortions and tendinitis
Usage: Envelopes made of paste with ice water (1:1,3), change more often. compresses on the next day (Terrasan + warm Luga), let it absorb over night. Repeat until the swelling wears off. 

Usage: Cover the envelope with a cloth and woild, let it sink in over night. When you enrich the tincture with hot peppers, let it absorb 1-2 hours. 15-20 applications. 

Boils and carbuncles
Usage: Let the compresses absorb over night, repeat until the inflammation has worn of or the boil has burst

Insect bites (mosquitos, bees, wasps, etc.) 
Usage: Mixture of Terrasan and Luga (1:1), repeat until the inflammation and the pain has worn of

Usage: Mix Terrasan with a lot of water and a little bit of Luga, rinse your mouth, daily after brushing your teeth

Usage of Terrasan in the cosmetic sector 

Terrasan gives the skin a youthful appearance, tightens it and provides it with essential minerals. 
Wash your skin regularly with lukewarm Terrasan-water (Mixture 1:15) 

Face masks (Mixture already mentioned) 
After the masks has dried rinse your face with camomile tea (this calms the strained skin) 

Fat, shiny skin 
rub your face with lemon juice, fat, large-pored skin: mix 1 tablespoon Terrasan, a little bit of lemon juice and honey, so that a thick mass develops. Apply it on your face, let it absorb for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and rub it with lemon juice. 

Dry skin 
Mix your mask with cold-pressed olive oil. 

This Indian recipe ensures a perfect tent and is especially for winter stressed and spring fever skin: 

Mix a paste out of 1 part Terrasan and 2 parts of mineral water. Put in a mixture of finely chopped camomile blossoms, peppermint, marigold flowers and a little bit of olive oil. Apply it on your face and wait until the mask is dry. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Put a mild face cream on your face (e.g. cell-activating revitalising cream) 

Beautiful, tightened breasts
Terrasan-solution (1:3) warum up one part and cool the other. Soak a cotton cloth in the solution, respectively cold-warm, put it on the breasts. repeat it 10 times. Afterwards dry off and cream yourself with a nutrient cream

Firm and rich hair 
Wash your hair with Terrasan-water (1:5). Massage the solution into your scalp vigorously. Let it absorb for 2 hours. Rinse it out with vinegar-water and wash it afterwards with a mild shampoo. 

In case of loss of hair 
Terrasan-water 1: 1,5 – do it like mentioned above

broken nails, cornea on the elbows and heels 
Treatment with Terrasan, Luga and sea salt


Terrasan contains various important minerals. It contains chemical elements such as aluminium, copper, silicon, sodium, calcium, titan, potassium, barium, chrome, zirconium, lead, iron, vanadium, gallium, manganese and nickel.  

Quellenhinweise: Heilkraft des Meeres Thalasso-Therapie für Zuhause Dozent Dr. med. Stamat Stamatov Eigenverlag, Varna 1996


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