The peeling is a pure, extra fine bicarbonate. The small round peeling corpusles prepare the skin optimal for its further care, without hurting the skin. Dead skin particles are rubbed off and the upper fat layer of the skin is neutralised due to the body peeling. It cleans thoroughly and gentle, at the same time it takes care of the optimal preparation for the skin for the beneficial ingredients of the Thalassa-Therapy. 


Content: 100g
article number: 1018


Put a small tablespoon of peeling on a wash clothes and rub your wet body with it. Afterwards you should shower with warm water to rinse of the peeling residuals and the dead skin particles. If you have fatty skin you should do this weekly, with normal skin every 3-4 weeks, in each case as preparation for the Feme-THALASSO-THERAPY. 


Pure fine-grained bicarbonate 

Quellenhinweise: Heilkraft des Meeres Thalasso-Therapie für Zuhause Dozent Dr. med. Stamat Stamatov Eigenverlag, Varna 1996


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