Sea Salt

With this sea salt you are able to have the healing effect of the sea salt in your bathtub at home! 



The water of the Black Sea is lead into pans and the NaCl crystallises due to the sun rays. The crystals are shovelled out and are dried. The natural sea water is filled and is moved further. 


Content: 3kg (packaged in six paper packages per 500g) 
article number: 1015


The salt is dissolved in approx. 37 °C warm water (body temperature). The usage is a whole body treatment in the bathtub, as a footbath, by gurgling or by inhalation. 

Dissolved seasalt can be usage for: 

rheumatism and rheumatism-like arthritis
Usage: Water 37-38°C, 15-25 min. 15-20 baths 

chronic gynaecological diseases 
Usage: water 40°C, 20-30 minutes 

inflammation in mouth and throat 
Usage: several times a day, 10 g/l

Inflammation of the upper airways, gout or diabetes 
Usage: water 38 °C, 30 min. 20 baths, 30 g/l

Metabolic disease, after broken bones, arthrosic deformation of the joints, knee, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle and spine 
Usage: water 37-39 °C 15-20 baths, 30 g/l

Complaints in the time of the menopause 
Usage: water 37 °C, 30 min., 15 g/l daily in the beginning,  anfangs täglich, when the complaints improve 1-2 times per week


The circulation will be activated, ions enter the organism, sea salt concentration strengthens the activation of the metabolism and pleasant tiredness is produced. After the bath you should keep your body warm for approx. 1 hour and you should rest. By no means shower of the salt coat. 



seasalt contains more than 50 chemical elements such as Magnesium, Calcium, Calium, Brom, Natrium, Chlor, Stroncium, Fluor, Bor, Carbonates and Sulphates such as micro elements such as Mangan, iron, Jod, copper, cobalt und Zinc.

Quellenhinweise: Heilkraft des Meeres Thalasso-Therapie für Zuhause Dozent Dr. med. Stamat Stamatov Eigenverlag, Varna 1996


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