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Fúmée Dufttyp Analyse




Fragrance type: leathery, cool scents with balsamic fund (?)

Personality profile

On the one hand he likes compact forms and on the other hand he likes asymmetrical and unique ones. That is why it is very hard for him to choose one form. The „untrained man“ thinks of himself as unconventional and avantgardistic. The basic needs of the untrained man are clear: they do not want to be seen as middle-class – freedom, liberty and individuality are important for them. 

„Occupation: Civil servant“ – this is hard to imagine. Rather a freelance artist, musician or an author, because he loves the exhilarating risk. He sometimes gets up to do something. This is fun for him and it makes his life more bearable. His requirement for a fragrance is, that it should be masculine and individual. His fragrance type is a cool, leathery scent. That is how he wants to look like to others. His secret longings are balsamic resin and fund scents. His fragrance has to mirror his sensitivity and his unbroken, pure masculinity. Because he wants to make his decisions on his own, he does not want classical fragrance – and cosmetic consultation. 



Fragrance type: cool, menthol-like scents, lively fruitiness

Personality profile

Stimulated, interesting and refreshing has to be the life of the spontaneous funky man. Whether it is in art or in the music scene – he prefers colourful, modern and unconventional over the simple and old-fashioned. In this way he withdraws himself from the boring and the monotony of the everyday life. He is well-informed about the newest trends and prefers everything about fashion. His style is determined by variety. The ideal of the spontaneous funky man is the everlasting youth, because he is curious about what the future holds. 

Men of this personality profile are open to try new paths. This counts for the choice of the perfume as well as for the body care. Perfumes and other aesthetic products which are old-fashioned, square or common, will be rejected by him. He wants an immediate stimulation from a perfume. He preferred scents, which promise something new and unknown. Perfumes, where others think they are too crazy, impress him and he tries them first. 



Fragrance type: dry, tangy – natural tobacco – leathery – scent 

Personality profile

He has a clear idea how he wants to be in life: he wants his success and to reach a specific status. His ideal is masculinity in the traditionally meaning. An unobtrusive elegance are important to him and he is attached to old traditions. He uses prestige brands, to underline his materialistic gain and achievement oriented self-concept. The discreet groomed man also chooses the position of his apartment, the furnishing of his office and his car, according to the same aspects. However, his wife is allowed to furnish the apartment, who has to dedicate her life after her children and not after a job, in his opinion.

He does not let his feelings guide him when choosing his fragrance – he chooses considerate and rational. His perfume needs to be discreet – natural tobacco – leathery scents – which should be not to feminine for his surrounding, too soft or too intrusive. The perfume has to underline his traditional masculinity.   



Fragrance type: warm, spicy scents with erogenous character

personality profile

A man from this type is not as dependent on his outer features as others. The sensitive individual man sees himself as gentle, tactful and emotional and calls himself a deeper loner. He speaks of himself as: „I would like to spend some time at a quiet, more remote mountain lake.“ On the outside he is critical. He does not like smalltalk and superficial people. He attaches value to get to know people better, who he has a lot to do with.

When he buys something, the sensitive individual man, is very critical and is skeptical towards promising product statements. Before he is able to buy a body care product, he has to think about his skin compatibility. In his opinion, when buying a perfume the warm, oriental – spicy scents of a deeper and more mysterious side give expression. Which promise him the fulfilling of his own, exotic retreat phantasies. 



Fragrance type: citric – fresh, spicy to herbal scents

Personality profile

Challenges, movement and varieties are very important for the active dynamic man. He loves tasks, where he has to think fast. To finish a sailing turn when there is a wind speed of nine or to win the mass marathon of New York, to win a mountain-bike tour on the Cote d’Azur or an exhausting tennis double – that is what the active dynamic man needs. For the active dynamic males care of the body is no problem. Cleanliness is very important for them – but they do not have a lot of time for anointing or oiling themselves. 

They expect freshness and active and stimulating aura from their perfume. 



Fragrance type: warm, natural wood – and fougere – scents

personality profile

His need for balance and inner peace is strong. Men, who personify a cultivated gentleman, do not like to be in a mass of a lot of people. 

„I am uncomfortable if I am in the waiting room of the doctor’s and I have to sit together with a lot of people.“ They are distancing themselves to standard taste. Their ideal is the intellectual, stylish gourmet. The best would be if he was personified by a representative of the refined British attitude. The cultivated gentleman focuses on two thinks when buying body care products: On the one hand he does not focuses on trends. For him, these are the fashion follies. For him something is valuable if it also has quality. 

On the other hand he rejects everything what other people are buying. When buying a perfume it is very important for him, that the strong character and the timeless elegance of the luxury product has a positive effect on him. 

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