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Fúmée Perfume Type Analysis




Dufttyp: chypre – notes

Personality Type Profile

You trust in what you can. You know your strengths and you know how to use them. As a “harmonious satisfied person” it’s inconceivable to ask others for advice. When you are in trouble – in your job or in personal situations – you find the solution and possibilities for difficulties to get it out of the way. A “harmonious satisfied person” describes herself als “self-conscious”, “satisfied” and “well-balanced”. 

You seem warm, strong and loveable, which results that you are often asked for advice from your friends and acquaintances – which is not for nothing, as you are helping them. You are satisfied with your life and yourself. You rarely feel depressed or unhappy. Your social engagement is huge. This group of women prefer quality and attach importance to their Appartment furnishing or to their clothing and if this all fits the newest trends. They rather buy a robust and resistant couch than a funky designer couch, which does not last. 




Fragrance Type: chypre – notes

Personality Type Profile 

“Sensitive and delicate” – that’s how an emotional mutual women would describe herself. Emotions and moods are more important than just logical decisions. If the emotion says, that it is right, the logical human does not stand a chance. They stand clear of people who have a rational and rather down-to-earth view of life. They love it to withdraw themselves in dreams. If the reality is not as these women want it to be they use their fantasy. With help of fantasy they reinterpret their problems, so that they are not problems anymore. If they are in society, they hold back. Mit Hilfe der Phantasie werden Probleme so umgedeutet, dass sie keine Probleme mehr darstellen. Befinden sich die Frauen dieser Gruppe in Gesellschaft, so halten sie sich gerne zurück. True to the motto “Do not attract somebody’s attention or impose on somebody.” 

Women with a emotional mutual temper are well informed in the sector of fashion. Not only are they up to date concerning fashion – they also participate in it, as far as they can. They have fun in dressing up and trying out new fashion trends. They feel safe when they dress themselves fashionable. On the other hand, it is very hard for the “fantasy fashionable person” to break from the old and cherished things. Her Appartment looks like a smorgasbord with a lot of souvenirs, which she can not separate from.  



Fragrance type: chypre – notes

personality profile

The “solid calm” woman loves a calm and organised life. She avoids conflicts. She only searches for solutions for problems in emergencies – if she has problems in her workplace or if there are differences between acquaintances or relatives. She feels good with people who protect her or give her advice. She tries the advice she gets, if it does not disturb her life rhythm. This group of women love their life in secure lines. They do not like hectic and unrest. Moving because of the career? No thanks! The saying: “Something new from time to time” does not fit for the “solid calm” woman. 

Women of this group, who have to earn the money on their own, use their money sparingly. Not because they are stingy, but because they like to buy themselves once a year something exclusive and expensive, instead of always buying small things. The Appartment has to be comfortable – it does not have to be furnished in the newest trends. 



Fragrance Type: fresh – flowery scent

personality profile

The women of this group decline the traditional role of women, of dependent and good middle-class “Women behind the stove”. They need change. Their attitude towards life is clear: positive, optimistic, life-affirming and sophisticated. To get unpleasant things out of the word, she is mustering all her courage to make the best out of this situation. To get her to have a fun life, our sophisticated optimistic woman needs cheers, buster and fun. 

If nobody else offers something, she puts something together; parties, cozy dinners with friends or a weekend trip with work colleagues are organised by her. She needs an autonomous work and a lot of variety. 

For her unfolding she needs the success in the workplace; and if she pursues a career while doing this – the better.
Her Appartment needs to be convenient and there needs to be the opportunity to relax and to unwind. 




Fragrance type: oriental scent

Personality profile

The women of this group do not mind being alone. They like to retreat themselves and rather like to think about themselves and their environment than to have fun or go out with friends. If they have to choose between a group bus travel to the Cote d’Azur or a psychology-and philosophy course, they would probably choose the course. 

Trying to force those women to do something against their own feeling does not work. As it is very important for them to individually unfold themselves, they rather think poorly of the opinion of others. If you offend the sensitive individualist woman, hurt her or you threaten her with her individuality, she will withdraw herself, just to come back quickly to represent her right of her own ideas.  

In this case, even authority people, does not matter if supervisors or parents, will have to listen to what did not fit. Most of the time they are so quick-witted, that others do not have a chance for resistance. In relation to the furnishing of the apartment or in the are of fashion this kind of group does not want to appear philistine or boring. 
In terms of “lifestyle” these introvert women of this group always decide for the most individual opportunity of unfolding, which is possible.  



Fragrance type: aldehydig, flowery, balsamic scent 

personality profile

As this group of women always want to show what they can and what they have, they can not withdraw in the circle of family. They want to meet new people and want to actively participate in life.
As they have high demands for their life, it happens from time to time that they are torn from the balance of their feelings. They strive to appear relaxed, but they feel that under their apparent silent and calm surface, a small volcano of feeling is bubbling, which could erupt here and there.   

For this is reason it is very hard to categorise this women in a fragrance area. They also resort to fragrances which are powdery and flowery – aldehydic. (which is typically for perfume users, who choose the black rosette).

The lifestyle of the elegant active woman lies in the exceptional, exclusive, noble and the individual. She has high demands on fashion: she wants to be noble and elegant – its very important for her to emphasise her individual style, as to follow some fashion trend. 




Fragrance type: flowery- fresh scent 

personality profile


Optimistic and fun-loving – this is how one can describe the attitude towards life of the emotional improvisational woman.
They love a hurly-burly vacation on Ibiza, as well as a lonesome holiday in a cabin in the alps. With her fundamental positive attitude towards life they master every obstacle. The emotional mutual woman solves problems more with her feelings and her inner voice than with her mind. 

She requests from herself, that she does not let herself go, even though she wants to sometimes. To talk about ones pain, being boring and being bland – this is nothing for the emotional improvisational woman. 
She avoids people who are like that. 

Despite her positive attitude towards life, they are much more vulnerable as they may seem, as they are very good in shielding their feelings from their fellow human beings. If they do not feel comfortable, they try to deal with it very quickly. Her life is s varied and colourful that she enjoys it. In the first place they try to treat themselves. They like to spoil themselves. Their aspired lifestyle contains more than enough free space to improvise. To buy a new microwave or to come home with a new dress – that the emotional improvisational woman. 


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